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R.I.P. Vs. System

January 30, 2009

Upper Deck announced yesterday that Vs System TCG will no longer be printed in 2009.

I am very sad about this both as one of Vs System game designers and as a player. I may not have been actively playing Vs System recently, but this game has always held a special place in my heart.

You can read a detailed article about it on


Player’s Choice Sleeves Back In Stock

January 28, 2009

Finally we were able to get a re-stock of these super popular sleeves (in both Yu-Gi-Oh! and Standard sizes). A lot of you have been asking so I felt it was worth posting here that they are back – even those elusive YuGiOh white color sleeves!

Upper Deck Game Day Details Finalized

January 28, 2009

It took a bit longer than I expected but Upper Deck Game Day details are now finalized. We are going to run Sunday-only events in New Jersey and on Long Island. Gold Sarc tournaments will take place on Saturday in Brooklyn and Philadelphia. On Sunday we are going to run a Kings Games Open event in those two locations – the winner of each Kings Games open will walk away with THREE BOXES of Phandom Darkness – and there is plenty more for the top 8. Each player who enters these events will get a random promo card for free.

Click here for complete details and prize lists of what is happening that weekend.

War of Words

January 26, 2009

Konami and Upper Deck are continuing their battle for the hearts, minds and wallets of Yu-Gi-Oh players.

Over the last few days information leaked into the blogosphere that Konami is accusing Upper Deck of conspiring with Vantage to distribute counterfeit cards. There is a detailed post on that goes into the court documents and other publicly available information in some detail.

Today Upper Deck responded with a press release, referring to their alleged relationship with Vantage as an “absurd allegation” and noting their record of fighting against counterfeiters.

And so the war of words goes on.

Spoils Is Coming Back!

January 25, 2009

Remember The Spoils? Love it or hate it (I personally loved it) it made a big but brief splash on a TCG scene. The company that published it was called Tenacious Games and they seemed to have a knack for mixing truly awesome, innovative ideas with some truly bad moves.

They did lots of cool stuff – such as a rock band bus touring the country with models demoing and judging Spoils at various locations, giving away large amounts of money in tournament prizes. However, the money dried up and many players never got paid. Spoils promised winners of its qualifier tournaments a great experience – an all-expense-paid cruise with a chance to play for hundreds of thousands of dollars Maverick style. Those of us (myself included) who won invitations to this cruise were truly disappointed when the company failed to secure the funding they needed to continue operating and was forced to fold.

Still, Spoils was a great game. It wasn’t for everyone – its complex game engine that favored a better player was closer to chess than an average TCG. Exactly the kind of thing I enjoyed.

So I was very happy to learn just now that Spoils will be making a comeback. Arcane Tinmen – a company from Denmark best known in United States as manufacturer of a popular DragonShields line of card sleeves – has purchased all rights to The Spoils. This was announced on the official Spoils website on January 20th. According to Michael Nielsen of Arcane Tinmen, the company is going to “hit the ground running” in bringing Spoils back onto the market. Josh Lytle, who is largely responsible for the Spoils game engine, will continue to work in R&D. Arcane Tinmen also turned to the loyal Spoils community for “both assistance and inspiration.”

They will need both as it is notoriously difficult to bring a defunct game back to life. Still, I am excited at the prospect of playing Spoils again personally, and if there are enough fans like me out there, they just might succeed. The very first step Arcane Tinmen took is already very cool. Together with Gamer Adventures they brought back the Spoils Cruise – sort of. Players will have to pony up $350+ for a five day cruise – no free rides. Those who won invitations with Tenacious Games are entitled to a $25 discount and the big tournament prize at the cruise will be the opportunity to win your $350 back.

It ain’t a boatload of money Tenacious promised, but it is a solid and legitimate new start.

Spoils Official web site

Link to the Spoils Cruise (the one on is wrong)

WOW RQ News And Epic Demo

January 24, 2009

The first couple of Realm Qualifiers we hosted this season weren’t so hot – but today’s tournament in Somerville NJ was more like the good old days. A total of 23 players showed up at this event! Good job, head judge Herb Shaw and host store TOGIT. And congratulations to Scott Landis for winning this one.

Meanwhile at our home base we officially started demoing Epic today. We started running demos at 4pm and as of around 8:30 people are still playing with the demo decks. The response has been incredibly positive and we are very hopeful of a big pre-release day on February 21. If you want to learn Epic, we will be doing demos for it starting at 4pm every Saturday leading up to the pre-release, except on February 7.

Breaking News About Upper Deck Game Day

January 23, 2009

Just got additional information from Upper Deck regarding the Upper Deck Game Day. It looks like we are going to be doing the following:

Brooklyn NY: Gold Sarc Tournament on Saturday
Iselin NJ: Gold Sarc Tournament on Sunday
Selden NY: Gold Sarc Tournament on Sunday
Philadelphia PA: Gold Sarc Tournament on Saturday and some big booster pack prize tournaments on Sunday.

So to confirm, *only Philadelphia* will have events on both days. All other events will run as one day events, but this way any of you who are willing to travel will get two chances to win a Gold Sarcophagus.

I will post more information very soon.

Change Of Pace

January 22, 2009

We’ve been so busy with all kinds Yu-Gi-Oh! news (and occasional car crashes) recently but let’s not forget that we sell and promote other games too and talk about Magic today.

Our weekly Wednesday drafts have been happening steadily with 8+ players showing up every week so that we were able to run them as sanctioned events. Over the course of next month we plan on showing Magic some more love. Here is what we have lined up:

Satuday, Jan 22 at noon: Standard tournament for a box of Shards of Alara in prizes with only a $5 entry fee.
Saturday, Jan 31 at 9am: Conflux Pre-Release! We are partnering with Gray Matter Conventions on this one so we will have plenty of product available and will be able to run Two-Headed Giant and side events during the day.
Friday, Feb 6: Conflux releases. At 7pm we will run the sealed Release Celebration Tournament, with promos and giveaways galore!
Every other Friday in February: Friday Night Magic is back! We will run it as Standard tournaments and they will be FREE to enter. That’s right, free – just come play!
Every Wednesday in February: We are continuing our $9 drafts promotion into February so players can get their hands on some cheap Conflux cards.

February is also the month Epic launches, with pre-releases on the weekend of February 21-22. We are going to be doing a lot of demos at Kings Games starting in early February to try and build up a really solid community for this new, exciting game. By the end of the month we will have the final list of our pre-release locations, but we expect to be able to run them in five locations across NY, NJ, PA and CT.

Crimson Crisis Sneaks May Happen After All

January 21, 2009

Konami is moving quickly to gain total control of Yu-Gi-Oh! Just yesterday they announced that they will release Yusei and Crimson Crisis soon. Today popular gaming and comics news website ICV2 published an article stating that Konami will allow stores to hold a Sneak Preview weekend at the end of February. Complete article can be found here:

This leaves a lot of unanswered questions:

* How will these stores be selected? No one from Konami has contacted our store about this as of yet, nor any other store that I know of.
* Will stores be limited to one 16 player event per store? How will it affect a store like ours where we can reasonably expect over 200 players to show up for this event?
* What does this mean for the future of Premier events program in general and Sneak Previews in particular?

And most importantly

* What will Upper Deck do about this? Will they file an injunction to try and stop Konami from moving forward with any of this while the courts are deciding on who gets to distribute Yu-Gi-Oh in the near future?

Car Attack!

January 21, 2009

Yesterday morning we arrived to find that the store gate and areas near it were damaged. Curious to see what happened, we turned to our trustee security cameras to find that around eight o’clock in the morning a large SUV slammed into the meter in front of the store:

But that’s not all. Literally 10 minutes later, another car slams right into our gate:

Crazy stuff! Note that neither driver bothered to report this to the authorities and the woman in the second video did not come by the store and offer to help fix the gate or anything.