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Lots of new YuGiOh Cards

February 25, 2009

Duelist Pack: Yusei is now in stock at the store. We also got a restock of the much asked-for Dark Emperor Structure deck today.

This Saturday is the Crimson Crisis Sneak Peek. We are getting tons of phone calls and e-mails about this one. Many people are sad that it is a one day event and that we are not going to be hosting them in any of our usual locations except Brooklyn – but even more people are excited and will be coming by this Saturday. We expect attendance to be pretty huge! Doors will open at 9am for this event.

Also on Saturday we will have our usual Hobby League tournament at 3pm and we are allowing Crimson Crisis cards to be played at this event. Coincidentally, this will be the last tournament before the new banned list goes into effect, so don’t miss the chance to play with your broken decks one last time!


Magic Core Set Changes

February 24, 2009

Wizards of the Coast announced major changes to how the “Core” Magic sets are going to be released in the future. In recent years Core sets have been released bi-annually and numbered (i.e. Ninth Edition, Tenth Edition, etc.) Going forward and starting this year, Core sets will be released every year and named for that year. So this year we will see the release of “Magic 2010 Core Set”. This may be confusing as the set will actually be released in 2009, but its the same trick car manufacturers use to have their latest models appear even more current.

What’s even more important is that for the first time since the inception of Magic Core sets will include original previously unseen cards and not just the reprints. This is intended to get tournament players who do not typically buy a lot of Core packs to want to order this product.

Core set is also going to become a greater part of organized play. A number of Grand Prix tournaments including Boston will feature Core Set Sealed format. There will also be pre-release events for Magic 2010 and the set will go on sale July 17.

YuGiOh Banned and Restricted List Updated

February 23, 2009

Konami has officially updated the banned and restricted list that will go into effect starting March 1st. Japanese list was released a few days ago, and it looks like they are keeping the changes consistent:

Epic Pre-Release Recap

February 23, 2009

Kings Games hosted the largest Epic pre-release in the country this weekend! While most events had a dozen or less entries, we had 55 entries on Saturday! We are definitely shaping up to be the major Epic hub which is great.

Product goes on sale this Friday and we are going to start hosting a weekly tournament every Thursday starting in March. We are also going to have our first Grand Tournament on March 15 and a Gateway tournament where the winner gets a free entry into the 5K championship to be held at TJ Collectibles. Heck, I think I am going to draft it up at the store tomorrow!

This Weekend Is All About The New Games

February 19, 2009

I am super excited about the Epic pre-release this weekend. The game has been gaining a LOT of momentum at Kings Games. It feels like Vs System the week before Marvel Origins came out – tons of anticipation and most of the regulars already know how to play before the cards are even available.

I will be head judging the pre-release at KG on Saturday and at Brothers Grim on Long Island on Sunday. Herb Shaw is going to head judge at TOGIT (Sat) and Gaming Etc (Sun) and Dorian Redburn will run the one at Alternate Universes (Sun). We are also running a World of Warcraft Realm Qualifier this Saturday at The Encounter in western PA. Derek McCauley will be head judging that event.

This week also marked the release of Huntik. During Upper Deck Game Day we taught over 160 players in the NY/NJ/PA areas how to play this game. We scheduled a release celebration tournament for Sunday and have some cool promo cards to give away – we’ll have to see if there is interest before deciding if we are going to schedule tournaments for this game in the future.

Upper Deck Cancels YuGiOh OP – Our Plans Going Forward

February 18, 2009

The following press release was published by Upper Deck yesterday:



Konami’s Action Detrimental to Yu-Gi-Oh! Community

North Las Vegas, NV (February 17, 2009) — Due to circumstances beyond its control, Upper Deck regrets to announce that all future Organized Play programs and events in North America for the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME have been canceled. The unavailability of product and prizes affects all upcoming North American Yu-Gi-Oh! OP programs and events, including Shonen Jump Championships, Regional Qualifiers, the National Championship and the monthly Hobby League program

For months, Upper Deck has continued in good faith to support Yu-Gi-Oh! OP, so as not to abandon the player and retailer community of which it has been an integral part for six years. Upper Deck remains committed to the Yu-Gi-Oh! community and will continue to fight Konami’s actions in court. Upper Deck hopes to once again be able to offer Duelists the high caliber events to which they have become accustomed.


We do not know exactly what future holds for premier YuGiOh organized play at the level of Regionals and Shonen Jump Championships. Hopefully we will find out very soon. Perhaps the most important thing I can tell you right now is that nothing is going to change in terms of our weekly tournaments. We are going to continue running YuGiOh tournaments every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday as we always have. We have enough Champion packs, promo cards and playmats to continue running Hobby League tournaments for months to come.

Secondly, Konami is allowing all qualified game stores to run Sneak Peek events for Crimson Crisis. We are going to be hosting one on February 28th. It will utilize the same open dueling format as most of you are already used to and we should have plenty of product on hand to accommodate hundreds of players. Unfortunately we will not be able to run this event outside of Kings Games, so we encourage our friends in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Long Island and upstate NY to check with their local game stores and see who will be hosting Sneak Peeks.

Finally, we are working on a series of large-scale tournaments that we hope will fill the void left by the lack of Regionals in NY/NJ/PA/CT areas. I won’t release too many details except to say that our goal is to have a winner of each of these tournaments walk away with a laptop! If you have any ideas on what you would like to see at these tournaments please feel free to post here or e-mail me privately. Our first two such events are tentatively scheduled for March 29 in Brooklyn and April 11 in Philadelphia. We will finalize these details and post information about them by the end of this month, provided that Upper Deck or Konami do not launch/re-launch a Regional program by then.

Yu-Gi-Oh is a very popular game and its fans are some of the most dedicated gamers I have ever seen during a long career in this industry. It will survive this calamity in the long run and Kings Games will strive to remain a major part of the YuGiOh community.

New Jersey Duelist Challenge Top 8 Deck Lists

February 18, 2009

I apologize that it took me longer than I anticipated to post these. It has been simply crazy at the store over the course of the last few days. In this installment I am posting the New Jersey top 8 deck lists with Phladelphia and Long Island lists still to come.

Frank Schifano

Phillip Brieva

Anthony Alvarado

Nicholas Cho

Joe Weber

Nehemias Diaz

Guillermo Morales

Mary T.

Spectral Safari

February 11, 2009

We have just confirmed that on March 14th we will be hosting a Spectral Safari tournament for World of Warcraft Miniatures game. It will be a sealed event and the winner will get the elusive and super-expensive Spectral Tiger loot card!

More details about this event are forthcoming and will be posted before the end of this month.

Brooklyn Duelist Challenge Top 8 Deck Lists

February 11, 2009

As promised, here are the top 8 deck lists from the Brooklyn Duelist Challenge. The other 3 events are forthcoming.

Ace Chen

Akim Clyne

Gaetan Georges

Ivan Rossitto

Luis Rivera

Michael Rossitto

Krystian Turowski

Jonathan Vaughn

Upper Deck Game Day Recap

February 10, 2009

Upper Deck Game Day events were pretty great. The attendance numbers were not quite as high as I expected, but they went well overall. Our largest was the one in Brooklyn where 98 players participated in The Duelist Challenge. Our smallest was on Long Island where main event had 66 players in it.

While many players were willing to travel in order to get to one of these events, no one traveled further than Simon Dewhurst and Suzanne White. They attended our Brooklyn UD Game Day event from London, England! Simon came close to top 8’ing, but even though he did not manage to do so, Suzanne won a Shonen Jump Cyber Stein as a door prize.

Kings Games Open events on Sunday did not work nearly as well. We got 25 players in Philadelphia and 10 players in Brooklyn. Even so, we gave away the advertised prizes anyway – so those players who did show up were extremely happy.

We also did demos for World of Warcraft and Huntik TCGs. Huntik was the runaway hit of the weekend. We did 68 demos in New Jersey alone – and there were only 93 players in the main event! Everyone who learned the game got a free starter and a free booster to launch their collection. We’ll carry Huntik in the store when it launches in early March and try to have some tournaments for it – should be interesting to see if they take off.

Over the next several days I am going to scan in, upload and post here top 8 deck lists from all four Duelist Challenge events. Until then, here is a link to the album containing photos from this weekend:

Upper Deck Game Day