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Chaotic Organized Play Is Here!

March 27, 2009

That big announcement I was talking about last week? This is it. Chaotic TCG has been around for a bit over a year and has been a big success in the mass market. They are now making a serious Organized Play effort for the first time – and giving you an opportunity to win cool prizes such as laptops and other fun stuff!

Kings Games will run Chaotic organized play events in the states of NY, NJ, PA, DE and CT. We are going to roll out with a series of “Demo Day” events. Demo Day is just what it sounds like – an opportunity for players to come learn the game at their local store. We are also going to offer a small Sealed tournament at each Demo Day location – both to give new players a chance to test ride the game in a tournament setting and introduce many Chaotic online fans to what its like to play in live tournaments. Demo day events will take place in April and May. We have 8 posted on our Premier Event Calendar and we will be scheduling more soon.

Toward the end of April we will roll out with the Chaotic Regional program. Regionals are constructed events where top finishers qualify for a quarterly Battledrome Championship and a chance to win really great prizes (more on that below). Unlike most other games, the exact number of invitations is not set in stone, but based on tournament attendance. For example, if we have an 8-player regional only the winner will qualify to play in a Battledrome, but if we get 35 people, top 3 will get to attend.

Once you’ve qualified for the Battledrome, you are playing in the big leagues. Set to take place 4 times a year, Battledrome is a free event (since you already won your invite in a Regional) featuring such prizes as a laptop computer for the winner, an iPod Touch for the second place and Nintendo DS Lites for top 4. In addition to the laptop, the winner of each Battledrome event will also qualify to play in the World Championship.

Failed to qualify via a Regional? You get one last chance to “grind in” on the morning of the Battledrome championship – a special event will be held where top finishers also qualify for the championship.

Throughout the year, several very special events called Perim Tours will be held throughout the country. These are the equivalent of Magic Grand Prix, YuGiOh Shonen Jump or an Epic 5K. Top 8 will enjoy electronics prizes (with a high end gaming PC bundle going to the winner) and invitations to Worlds. Perim Tour events will take place in Toronto (July), Los Angeles (October) and Philadelphia (January 2010).

Each Perim Tour will be a one day event – except Philadelphia, where we will run a Perim Tour on Saturday and then a World Championship on a Sunday! Details about Worlds will be posted later in the year, but expect even better prizes than those awarded during the Perim Tour events!

Of course, no organized play program is complete without pre-releases! We will run pre-releases for each new set, starting with a very exclusive Turn of the Tide pre-release event which will be held in only four locations in North America – including Kings Games! Starting with the next set we will run at least two or more pre-releases in our region and ramp this number up overtime to cover as many locations as we can.

We are very excited to give players in the North East an opportunity to participate in yet another high quality organized play program. In the coming weeks we will be building up our judge and demo staff for this game. In the meantime, if you would like to see a Chaotic Demo Day take place at your local game store, please feel free to contact me via phone or e-mail.


Weekend of March 21-22 events

March 18, 2009

This Saturday we are going to be hosting a Pokemon State Championship at Kings Games. This is a FREE constructed event with excellent prizes awarded to winners of each age bracket (see the front page of for the prize list).

As Pokemon winds down toward the evening, we are going to host a D&D Game Day and release celebration for Players Handbook 2 at 7pm on Saturday.

We will also run an Epic Grand Tournament at TOGIT in Somerville NJ on Saturday. Registration opens at 10am and tournament will begin at 11am. Side events will be offered as well.

Because we are expecting about 100 players to attend Pokemon States, we are moving our YuGiOh Hobby League tournament to Sunday this time. This week’s hobby league will be the first event where Champion Pack 8 is given out to all participants!

Also on Sunday we will be hosting an Epic Gateway tournament. This is a Sealed 4 event where winner will receive a free entry into the Epic 5K Championship held in MA next weekend. Entry fee is $20 and both pack and promo card prizes will be awarded to top finishers.

Finally we are going to round out our Sunday lineup with Monstercapolis I Chomp NY Release Celebration event. Buy 1 Unit and 1 Monster packs and enter the free play event and get a promotional figure. One entry per player. Additional figures will be given out with purchase – get one for every five booster packs of I Chomp NY you purchase, while supplies last.

While this may sound like a busy weekend, it’s just business as usual here at Kings Games!

Computer Upgrades

March 18, 2009

Today we got more RAM and new video cards for our existing computers, upgrading them to top-of-the-line status! In the next couple of weeks we will be getting four brand new computers from Dell and replacing our oldest machines with them!

Back In Action

March 17, 2009

I am sorry to take such a long time away from updating this blog. Work has been really catching up with me lately, but I am determined to make sure we update regularly. Here are some of the highlights of what went on at KG over the last week or so:

* Yu-Gi-Oh Duelist Pack Tins are in stock
* Yu-Gi-Oh Champion Pack 8 is here and we will start giving them out at this weekend’s Hobby League. Speaking of which, this Hobby League will take place on a SUNDAY instead of a SATURDAY to make room for Pokemon State Championship.
* Epic Grand Tournament was held last Saturday. Congratulations to Jerry Wang for winning our first GT!
* Epic singles are now available at KG, and selling great!
* Magic FNM has been taking off, the numbers growing steadily.

There is lots of exciting stuff going on as we move forward – April will sure be a busy month for us. Expect a major announcement later this week about a different game launching a full-fledged OP program with big prizes, World Championship event held by us, and LAPTOPS given out on regular basis!

WOTC Invite Yu-Gi-Oh! Players to Magic Nationals

March 3, 2009

Every company is scrambling to best take advantage of the void left in high-end Yu-Gi-Oh organized play by the conflict between Konami and Upper Deck. Wizards of the Coast recently announced that any players who are qualified for Yu-Gi-Oh! nationals are welcome to attend Magic Nationals this year. See the press release here.

Wizards are actually taking a page out of Upper Deck play book here. UD awarded invites to top pros from a variety of different games to the very first Vs System Pro Circuit. Top contenders from games like Star Wars, Yu-Gi-Oh and, of course, Magic were invited. Gary Kasparov was actually on the invitation list for his accomplishments in chess, but somehow failed to RSVP.

Nationals invites are highly sought after in Magic and to my knowledge this is a first time WOTC has tried such a promotion.

Champion Pack 8 on its Way!

March 3, 2009

We got official word this morning that Champion Pack 8 will be released and available as of March 20th! Here is the official information posted about this pack:

The latest 20-card set for Champion Pack 8 includes the new Ultra Rare ‘Gravity Behemoth,’ a 2300 ATK Beast-Type Effect Monster that has the power to destroy Field Spell Cards at will. It also contains ‘Prohibition,’ a Super Rare card not seen since it was included in Pharaoh’s Servant in 2002. Champion Pack 8 also includes ‘Magician’s Valkyria,’ a card only released in Shonen Jump magazine. One of the Super Rare foil cards is ‘Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner,’ bringing Lightsworn players one step closer to having an all-foil deck!

Champion Pack 8 Breakdown:
Three cards per pack

Nine Common Cards (2:1)
Six Rare Cards (1:1)
Four Super Rare Cards (1:12)
One Ultra Rare Card (1:48)

Also, today is the release date for Crimson Crisis – so if you missed the Sneak Peek this weekend or just want to get your hands on more Assault Mode cards, stop by the store! Today is also our first constructed tournament following the new Banned list, so it should be an interesting day as far as YuGiOh is concerned.