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WOW Fields of Honor Sneak Preview

April 29, 2009

We can now confirm that Kings Games will be hosting a Sneak Preview tournament for World of Warcraft TCG expansion Fields of Honor. This tournament is to take place on Saturday, June 13th.


Epic Thursdays

April 28, 2009

We have a two-month promotion for Epic starting on the first Thursday of May and leading up to the $5,000 championship at the end of June.

Every Thurday we are going to run an Epic Designed tournament with a $10 entry fee. *GUARANTEED* first place prize for each tournament is $100 cash. *GUARANTEED* second place prize is 12 Epic booster packs. These prizes will be awarded even if only 4 players show up (4 will be the minimum needed to host the tournament). In addition, tournament winner and one player at random will each receive a Nullifier promo card.

We are very very serious about building up interested in Epic designed deck play in our area and beyond and we hope that players will pitch in to make these tournaments successful. Spread the word, fill up the car with your friends and come play Epic with us every Thursday night! Tournaments set to start at 7pm, as of May 7.

In other news, four new Epic promo cards are available for tournament support as of May 1st and we will begin giving them out for all scheduled events.

Announcing Chaotic $1000 Kickoff Challenge

April 27, 2009

Folks over at Chaotic really want you to give their game a try. And after reading this post, so will you!

Recently we announced an exciting Organized Play program for Chaotic, featuring great prizes such as iPods, laptops and other electronics. On top of that, how would you like to win cold, hard cash? Top 8 will share $1000 total in cash prizes. Even if you do not win, you are guaranteed to walk away with at least seven booster packs. Oh, and by the way you do not have to have a constructed deck to get in on this action – this will be a Sealed Deck tournament so everyone can play. How much would you pay to enter a tournament like this? Well, how about NOTHING? That’s right, Kings Games will host one of several Chaotic Kickoff Challenge championships – these are sealed deck tournaments that are absolutely free to enter, every single player will win a prize (see prize list below) and top competitors will win some actual money! Oh and on top of all that, top 8 players will earn an invite into the Battledrome championship that is taking place in June, where they can win even more prizes! Here is the exact prize breakdown:

* 1st Place: $400, custom Chaotic Playmat
* 2nd Place: $200, custom Chaotic Playmat
* 3rd – 4th Place: $100, custom Chaotic Playmat
* 5th – 8th Place: $50, custom Chaotic Playmat
* Top 8: Invites to the Spring Battledrome Championship in June! Compete for a Laptop and other great prizes in this invite only event!
* Top 16: 24 Assorted Chaotic Booster Packs
* All Others: 7 Assorted Chaotic Booster Packs

So if you do not already know how to play Chaotic, check out one of our Demo Day events where our staff will gladly teach you! We will run a demo day event on the day prior to the Kickoff Challenge. We will also run demos starting at 10am on the day of the tournament (set to begin at noon) so do not miss this opportunity!

Chaotic Kickoff Challenge is scheduled for Sunday, May 24 at noon.
Chaotic Demo Day at Kings Games will take place on Saturday May 23 starting at noon.

Raging Battle Sneak Preview Details

April 27, 2009

On May 2nd we are hosting a Sneak Peek for Yu-Gi-Oh! Raging Battle booster pack. We are getting a ton of packs and will be able to accommodate more players than any other Sneak Peek location in the area. That’s because we have many more folks playing YuGiOh at Kings Games than any other game store. If you want to attend an exciting, vibrant event with literally hundreds of players, we are the only possible choice!

Like in the past, this Sneak Peek will feature the Open Dueling format. Entry fee is $20 and each player will receive five booster packs and a holo Battlestorm card just for entering the tournament. You will also get an Open Dueling score sheet to keep track of your games. Here is the one disappointing news about this event – unlike previous events, no sixth pack will be awarded upon completion of your five duels. This was a cost-cutting measure that allowed Konami and us to keep the price at $20 for this and future Sneaks. Instead, the benefit of completing your five duel is an increased chance to win exciting prizes such as Raging Battle deck boxes and playmats!

Once you’ve played five duels you may turn in your score sheet and it will be entered into a raffle. As soon as 16 score cards have been turned in we will hold the raffle giving away four deck boxes and a play mat – that means five out of every sixteen participants are going to win one of these items! After the drawing, the remaining score cards will be removed from the raffle and the next raffle will be held once sixteen more scorecards are collected. This way if you are finished playing your raffle should happen very soon – and you do not have to stick around longer than you were planning to just to get into the raffle.

Doors will open at 9am and we will continue the event all day long, while supplies last.

Our regularly scheduled Hobby League tournament will take place at 3pm. Raging Battle cards may be used in this tournament.

HeroClix Tournament on Monday

April 21, 2009

We are happy to report that HeroClix tournaments are making a comeback at Kings Games. We host a casual gaming night for HeroClix on Mondays. This coming Monday we will do an actual tournament. It is scenario based, so for those of you who play HeroClix, details are below. Entry fee is $5. Registration begins at 6pm and play will begin at 7pm.

SCENARIO – “Dark Night”

ROUNDS: Three Swiss rounds for 10 turns or 50 minutes each.

BUILD: 400 points (4 actions)

THEME: Must be a valid generic keyword theme team (4 or more figures).

All figures must have one or more of the following keywords, GOTHAM CITY, DETECTIVE, or POLICE
and are considered a “THEME TEAM” for the purposes of this scenario regardless of the mix
of keywords. The Probability Control benefit works normally, 1 per 2 figures on the team.
The bonus to the starting roll will not be used and the Darkness BFC cannot be negated.

MAP: The Lab

FEATS: 10% (40 points)
–> ONE copy of any single feat

BFC’s: Darkness (Range, Powers and Abilities reduced to range 6 and cannot be increased)


PRIZES: Every participant will receive “The Mighty Thor” figure. The winner will also receive the Johnny Thunder LE.

Epic Laptop Tournament Deck Lists

April 21, 2009

There were 15 players competing for a Dell Netbook Laptop this Saturday. Here are the top 4 deck lists as well as description of the metagame:

Top 4:
James Kandziolka – Good Stuff
Richard Lam – Burn
Freddie Crespo – Dig Dug
Alex Shvartsman – Evil Control

Others (in no particular order):

Toni Tjandra – Burn
Daniel Pompa – Dig Dug
Tim Manashirov – Burn
Andrew Sullvian – Evil Control
Jerry Wang – Dig Dug
Glenn Sheehan – Total Lockdown (Good/Evil Crystal Ball deck)
Mike Tortorella – Total Lockdown
Craig Brandegee – Wild Aggro
Matt Markoff – Good Stuff-Burn (different from James’)
Marc Paschover – Echoes Control
Jason Rubinfeld – Evil Control

Top 4 deck lists:

James Kandziolka
Good Stuff
Designer: James Kandiolka

3 Echoes of Inspiration
3 Food for Thought
3 Fire Breathing Dragon
3 Firespitter
3 Confiscate
3 Not Today
3 No Escape
3 Raise the Dead
3 The Reborn
3 Frankenstein’s Monster
3 Madness Demon
3 The Herald
3 Echoing Mage
3 Puppeteer

3 Seaside Cave (gift)
3 Thought-Stealer (gift)
3 Werewolf (gift)
3 Anything but That
3 Now
3 Compromise


3 Protector
3 Mithril Armor
3 Dimensional Incompatibility
3 New World Order
3 Harbinger of the Apocalypse

Richard Lam
Burning Mage
Designer: Richard Lam

3 Barrage
3 Blue Dragon
3 Fire Breathing Dragon
3 Drain Essence
3 Rend
3 Firespitter
3 Eye of Navec
3 The Facilitator
3 Blast
3 Echoing Mage
3 Spontenous Combustion
3 Execution
3 Dimensional Incompatibility
3 Force of Nature

2 Spite
3 Thought Stealer (gift)
3 Nature’s Renewal (gift)
2 Relentless Chant
2 Compromise
3 Forget the Past (gift)
3 The Shield


3 Mithril Armor
3 Nightmares Past
3 Echoes of Inspiration
3 Wand of Unmaking
3 Protector

Top 4
Freddie Crespo Jr.
Mike & Ike (modified Dig Dug)
Designer: Mike Eig

2 Execution
3 Graft-Steel Builder
3 Stolen Dreams
3 Mithril Armor
2 Graft-Steel Bomber
3 The Herald
3 Puppeteer
3 Graft-Steel Thoughtkeeper
3 Confiscate
3 Time-Out
3 Reflective Golem
3 Necromancer Lord
3 Mr Hyde
3 Graft-Steel Overlord
3 Jungle Queen

3 Soul Catcher
3 Nature’s Renewal (gift)
3 Ring of Will (gift)
3 Now
3 Compromise
3 Take Cover


2 Wand of Unmaking
3 Protector
3 Echoes of Inspiration
1 Graft-Steel Bomber
3 Dreaded Judge
3 Nightmare’s Past

Top 4
Alex Shvartsman
Evil Control
Designer: Alex Shvartsman

3 Time-Out
3 Echoes of Despair
3 Nightmares Past
3 Dimensional Vortex
3 Psionic Assault
3 Ravenous Ghoul
3 Kneel Before Me
3 Eye of Navec
3 I Own the Night (gift)
3 Angel of Death
3 Kidnap
3 Execution
3 Night of the Living Dead
3 Food for Thought

3 The Shield
3 Unquenchable Thirst
3 You Lack Faith (gift)
3 Relentless Chant
3 Ritual of Reanimation
3 Thought Stealer (gift)


3 Protector
3 Mithril Armor
3 Wand of Unmaking
3 Dreaded Judge
3 Thought Plucker

Raging Battle Sneak Peek and other YuGiOh Updates

April 16, 2009

This week game professionals gathered in Las Vegas at the event called GAMA Trade Show. This is where publishers and distrbutors meet with store owners to present their new products, promotions and otherwise conduct business.

Konami presented some additional info regarding their organized play. They showed off a special scanner device that will allow tournament organizers to register players simply by scanning the bar code of their membership card. From what we understand we should have the new membership cards in a matter of weeks. Their tournament software is also going to be made available very soon. No new word on upcoming Regionals or Shonen Jumps other than the previously announced SJ Anaheim though.

As to the Raging Battle Sneak Peek – ours will take place on Saturday, May 2. At this time we do not have sufficient details to post about this event yet. It looks like there will be only 5 booster packs this time – no sixth pack awarded to each participant. On the other hand, play mats will be available! The info we have so far is here:

Konami Press Release

We are waiting to hear back from Konami to make sure we can get sufficient product to cover expected attendance as well as on some other details and will hopefully be ready to announce more details about this event by the middle of next week.

YuGiOh PA Laptop Tournament Top Deck Lists

April 16, 2009

Here are the top 4 deck list scans from the Laptop tournament we hosted last weekend in Philadelphia. We are looking at possibly doing another laptop tournament in Brooklyn sometime in late May. I will post more details as they become available.

Winner – Arthur Pisko Jr.
Finalist – Joseph Johnson
Top 4 – Matthew Wu
Top 4 – Vincent Centamore

Busy, busy weekend

April 10, 2009

So we have the Yu-Gi-Oh! laptop tournament going on tomorrow in Philadelphia that I wrote about in the previous post. Doors will open at 9am and play begin at 10am for this tournament. We will also host an Epic Grand Tournament (Sealed) in the same room, with tournament beginning at 11am.

Meantime we are going to host a Magic PTQ in Brooklyn on Saturday. Event will begin at 10am, but I am going to get to the store very early (7:15am or so) and open up so if you end up showing up super early, come on in.

If that weren’t enough, we are also running Chaotic demo days in Newark DE and Stratford CT this Saturday. That’s five events across four states! Not bad for a day’s work.

On Sunday we are having yet another demo day for Chaotic in Somerville NJ. At Kings Games we will host a make-up YuGiOh Hobby League at 3pm, and a World of Warcraft sealed Realm Qualifier at 11am.

A Tale of Two Laptops

April 5, 2009

As we wait for Konami to unveil their plans for future Organized Play, we are swamped with emails and phone calls as our loyal players are clamoring for big exciting tournaments. We are still very hopeful that some news about the future or Regionals and Shonen Jump Championships will come really soon – but in the mean time we are offering you guys a treat!

Next Saturday (April 11) we are going to host an advanced format constructed tournament with a Dell Inspiron Mini 9 laptop as a first place prize! This tournament will take place at the convention center in downtown Philadelphia. Entry fee is $25. Every player will get a promo card just for participating in the tournament and we will add booster pack prizes for top finishers if we get a solid attendance.

John Williams himself will be on hand to judge this event – and to take your Mountain Dew if you are careless enough to leave it on the table during a match!

But that’s not all! It would be hardly fair to give Yu-Gi-Oh players a laptop and leave the players of my current personal favorite TCG – Epic – without one. So what are we gonna do? We are going to give away ANOTHER Dell Inspiron Mini 9 at a constructed Epic tournament held at Kings Games on April 18th (details to be posted here soon).