Kings Games 7th Anniversary

It is hard to believe it’s been seven years already.

Kings Games opened its doors on June 15th 2002 as a humble and relatively small game store. We were among the very first companies to combine an Internet Cafe and game store models, paving the wave for many more hybrid game centers to come. We have moved twice since, each time to a larger and better location and have grown both our store and New York’s gaming community.

This year our focus has been on utilizing the Internet to better communicate with everyone. Technologies like this blog, Twitter and Facebook will help us keep everyone up to date on what’s going on at KG. We are also going to redouble our efforts on premier events. Many game manufacturers have been scaling back their premier events and/or moving away from the professional organizer model to game store model. As someone who was a competitive gamer way before becoming a tournament organizer I strongly believe that players crave large, exciting events in addition to the local store tournaments. Kings Games will continue to develop large tournament series across the North East.

This year alone we have been entrusted with running World Championship events for two games – Epic and Chaotic. Both will take place in Philadelphia this winter – a city we believe to be a perfect destination for large tournaments. We are also working on large-scale tournaments for Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic and potentially other yet-unreleased games.

If we are lucky, the next seven years are going to be as much fun as the first!


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