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Magic weekly tournaments update

July 24, 2009

Effective immediately we will be changing the structure of our two weekly MTG tournaments. Formats will remain the same – draft on Wednesdays and Type 2 on Fridays. The changes are as follows:

Wed 7:30pm draft. Entry fee is $12. Booster pack will be added to the prize pool for every player who enters the tournament. Promo cards will also be awarded to top finishers and as door prizes at the rate of 2 per draft pod. The draft format will be individual pods (if there are 12+ players in the event) and prizes will be awarded to top finishers based on the final standings. Current draft format is going to be M10 (while supplies last). Like most stores, we are very low on M10 and may have to revert back to Alara block if we run out of product.

Fri 7pm Type 2. Friday Night Magic. Entry fee is $5 and a booster pack will be added to the prize pool for every entry. Packs will be awarded to top finishers. Additionally top 2 players and two randomly selected players will recieve FNM promo cards.


Off To Pittsburgh

July 9, 2009

Kings Games is one of the vendors at the Yu-Gi-Oh National Championship in Pittsburgh this weekend. While it is great news for us, some of our customers may be inconvenienced because the bulk of our singles inventory will be traveling with us and unavailable at the store. We are leaving today and the inventory will be back in the store on Monday, July 13th.

YGO July 5 Regional Deck Lists

July 6, 2009

The last Regional of the season sold out by 8:45 in the morning (doors opened at 8am) as everyone wanted a last chance at an invitation to Nationals in Pittsburgh next weekend. Here are the top 8 deck lists from the event:

Top 4:

Raymond Torres

Timothy Howell

Jayson Tam

Marshaun Young

Top 8

Matt Wrona

Ivan Cortez

Peter Cheng

Ira Jones

Epic in July

July 2, 2009

We are going to continue hosting weekly $100 Epic tournaments on Thursdays in July with the following changes to prize support and format:

Entry fee: $10
First Place: $60 store credit, Stolen Memory promo card
Second Place: $40 store credit
Random door prize #1: The Shield promo card
Random door prize #2: Stolen Memory promo card

This prize support will be awarded for tournaments with 10+ players. If less than 10 players show up, store credit will be awarded to top 2 at an approximate 60/40 split equal to the full amount of entry fees collected. Stolen Memory promo cards will be awarded regardless of attendance and The Shield will be awarded in any tournament with 4+ players.

We will also continue to run booster drafts on Tuesdays with one Stolen Memory promo given to winner and one awarded as a random door prize.