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2008 Origin Award Winners Announced

June 30, 2009

Every year, Origins Awards recognizes some of the best games and accessories released in the previous year. List of the 2008 winners was just announced. Here is the complete list of winners by category:

Board Games:
Pandemic by Z-Man Games, Inc.
Designed by Matt Leacock

Children’s, Family, and Party Games:
Say Anything by North Star Games
Designed by Dominic Craphuchettes and Satish Pillalamarri

Historical Board Games:
Conflict of Heroes: Awakening the Bear by Academy Games
Designed by Uwe Eickert

Card Games:
Dominion by Rio Grande Games
Designed by Donald X Vaccarino

Collectible Card Games:
Magic the Gathering: Shards of Alara 1 by Wizards of the Coast
Designed by Bill Rose and Devin Low

Worlds of Dungeons & Dragons Volume 2 Published by Devil’s Due
Edited by James Lowder & Mike O’Sullivan

Tour de Lovecraft: The Tale Published by Atomic Overmind Press
Written by Ken Hite

Miniature Game Rules:
Classic Battletech: Tactical Operations by Catalyst Game Labs
Designed by Randall N. Bills and Herbert A Beas II

Miniature Figure or Line of Miniature Figures:
Star Wars Miniatures: The Clone Wars by Wizards of the Coast

Historical Miniatures Line of the Year: Tie

Fields of Glory Miniature Rules by Osprey Publishing / Slitherine Software
Designed by Richard Bodley-Scott

Song of Drums and Shako by Ganesha Games
Designed by Andrea Sfiligoi

Historical Miniature Figure Game Rules Supplement:
Rise of Rome (Fields of Glory Supplement) by Osprey Publishing

Historical Miniature Figure Line:
SS-Panzerdivision ‘Das Reich’ Panzerkompanie (GEAB06) [15mm Line] by Battlefront Games

Role-Playing Game: Mouseguard Role-Playing Game by Archaia Studios Press
Designed by Luke Crane and David Petersen

Role-Playing Game Supplement:
Serenity Adventures by Margaret Weis Productions
Designed by Alana Abbot, Billy Aguiar, James Davenport, Ted Reed, and James M. Ward

Game Accessory: D-Total die by Gamescience
Designed by Dr. A. F. Simkin, Frank Dutrain, and Louis Zocchi

We carry several of these products at Kings Games and can get the rest as special order items for those who are interested.


Wizards of the Coast Gift With Purchase Weekend!

June 11, 2009

Stop by the store over the weekend of June 12 through June 14 and purchase $15+ worth of Wizards of the Coast products and receive a FREE GIFT (while supplies last).

You can choose a gift from the following items:

* 2x Magic: The Gathering Half Decks
* D&D Miniatures: Demonweb Booster Pack
* Star Wars Miniatures: The Clone Wars starter set
* The Orc King: D&D Hardcover novel

One gift per person per day. Thanks WOTC for making this happen!

Player’s Choice Sleeves Back In Stock

January 28, 2009

Finally we were able to get a re-stock of these super popular sleeves (in both Yu-Gi-Oh! and Standard sizes). A lot of you have been asking so I felt it was worth posting here that they are back – even those elusive YuGiOh white color sleeves!