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Kings Games playmats are coming

September 12, 2009

We have ordered Kings Games branded playmats and they should be arriving at the store before the end of this month. We will sell them for just $10.00 Here is a preview of what the playmat is going to look like:


Magic weekly tournaments update

July 24, 2009

Effective immediately we will be changing the structure of our two weekly MTG tournaments. Formats will remain the same – draft on Wednesdays and Type 2 on Fridays. The changes are as follows:

Wed 7:30pm draft. Entry fee is $12. Booster pack will be added to the prize pool for every player who enters the tournament. Promo cards will also be awarded to top finishers and as door prizes at the rate of 2 per draft pod. The draft format will be individual pods (if there are 12+ players in the event) and prizes will be awarded to top finishers based on the final standings. Current draft format is going to be M10 (while supplies last). Like most stores, we are very low on M10 and may have to revert back to Alara block if we run out of product.

Fri 7pm Type 2. Friday Night Magic. Entry fee is $5 and a booster pack will be added to the prize pool for every entry. Packs will be awarded to top finishers. Additionally top 2 players and two randomly selected players will recieve FNM promo cards.

Off To Pittsburgh

July 9, 2009

Kings Games is one of the vendors at the Yu-Gi-Oh National Championship in Pittsburgh this weekend. While it is great news for us, some of our customers may be inconvenienced because the bulk of our singles inventory will be traveling with us and unavailable at the store. We are leaving today and the inventory will be back in the store on Monday, July 13th.

YGO July 5 Regional Deck Lists

July 6, 2009

The last Regional of the season sold out by 8:45 in the morning (doors opened at 8am) as everyone wanted a last chance at an invitation to Nationals in Pittsburgh next weekend. Here are the top 8 deck lists from the event:

Top 4:

Raymond Torres

Timothy Howell

Jayson Tam

Marshaun Young

Top 8

Matt Wrona

Ivan Cortez

Peter Cheng

Ira Jones

Kings Games 7th Anniversary

June 16, 2009

It is hard to believe it’s been seven years already.

Kings Games opened its doors on June 15th 2002 as a humble and relatively small game store. We were among the very first companies to combine an Internet Cafe and game store models, paving the wave for many more hybrid game centers to come. We have moved twice since, each time to a larger and better location and have grown both our store and New York’s gaming community.

This year our focus has been on utilizing the Internet to better communicate with everyone. Technologies like this blog, Twitter and Facebook will help us keep everyone up to date on what’s going on at KG. We are also going to redouble our efforts on premier events. Many game manufacturers have been scaling back their premier events and/or moving away from the professional organizer model to game store model. As someone who was a competitive gamer way before becoming a tournament organizer I strongly believe that players crave large, exciting events in addition to the local store tournaments. Kings Games will continue to develop large tournament series across the North East.

This year alone we have been entrusted with running World Championship events for two games – Epic and Chaotic. Both will take place in Philadelphia this winter – a city we believe to be a perfect destination for large tournaments. We are also working on large-scale tournaments for Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic and potentially other yet-unreleased games.

If we are lucky, the next seven years are going to be as much fun as the first!

YuGiOh Laptop Tournament Top 8 Deck Lists

June 10, 2009

Better late than never, here are the top 8 deck lists from the Laptop tournament held a couple of weeks back:

Felipe DeJesus

George Velasquez

Jarel Winston

Jerry Wang

Luis Rivera

Mike Rossitto

Robert Di Martino

Shane Scurry

Another Yu-Gi-Oh! Laptop Tournament!

May 1, 2009

We are giving away another laptop this month – this time at our home base in Brooklyn! Same deal as last month’s tournament in Philadelphia – entry fee is $25 and everyone will receive a promotional card for signing up. Booster pack prizes will be awarded to the top 8. We will begin advertising this event at the Sneak Peek tomorrow, but loyal readers of this blog get to find out first!

Alara Reborn Is Here

May 1, 2009

Alara Reborn booster packs, Fat Packs and pre-constructed decks are on sale as of today. Also, don’t forget there is a Launch Party event this Saturday at 6pm! $25 buys you 6 booster packs (3 Shards, 3 Reborn) and a special promo card. Two additional packs per player will be added to the prize pool. We are also working on the singles binder for this set and should have it ready by Monday.

HeroClix Tournament on Monday

April 21, 2009

We are happy to report that HeroClix tournaments are making a comeback at Kings Games. We host a casual gaming night for HeroClix on Mondays. This coming Monday we will do an actual tournament. It is scenario based, so for those of you who play HeroClix, details are below. Entry fee is $5. Registration begins at 6pm and play will begin at 7pm.

SCENARIO – “Dark Night”

ROUNDS: Three Swiss rounds for 10 turns or 50 minutes each.

BUILD: 400 points (4 actions)

THEME: Must be a valid generic keyword theme team (4 or more figures).

All figures must have one or more of the following keywords, GOTHAM CITY, DETECTIVE, or POLICE
and are considered a “THEME TEAM” for the purposes of this scenario regardless of the mix
of keywords. The Probability Control benefit works normally, 1 per 2 figures on the team.
The bonus to the starting roll will not be used and the Darkness BFC cannot be negated.

MAP: The Lab

FEATS: 10% (40 points)
–> ONE copy of any single feat

BFC’s: Darkness (Range, Powers and Abilities reduced to range 6 and cannot be increased)


PRIZES: Every participant will receive “The Mighty Thor” figure. The winner will also receive the Johnny Thunder LE.

Epic Laptop Tournament Deck Lists

April 21, 2009

There were 15 players competing for a Dell Netbook Laptop this Saturday. Here are the top 4 deck lists as well as description of the metagame:

Top 4:
James Kandziolka – Good Stuff
Richard Lam – Burn
Freddie Crespo – Dig Dug
Alex Shvartsman – Evil Control

Others (in no particular order):

Toni Tjandra – Burn
Daniel Pompa – Dig Dug
Tim Manashirov – Burn
Andrew Sullvian – Evil Control
Jerry Wang – Dig Dug
Glenn Sheehan – Total Lockdown (Good/Evil Crystal Ball deck)
Mike Tortorella – Total Lockdown
Craig Brandegee – Wild Aggro
Matt Markoff – Good Stuff-Burn (different from James’)
Marc Paschover – Echoes Control
Jason Rubinfeld – Evil Control

Top 4 deck lists:

James Kandziolka
Good Stuff
Designer: James Kandiolka

3 Echoes of Inspiration
3 Food for Thought
3 Fire Breathing Dragon
3 Firespitter
3 Confiscate
3 Not Today
3 No Escape
3 Raise the Dead
3 The Reborn
3 Frankenstein’s Monster
3 Madness Demon
3 The Herald
3 Echoing Mage
3 Puppeteer

3 Seaside Cave (gift)
3 Thought-Stealer (gift)
3 Werewolf (gift)
3 Anything but That
3 Now
3 Compromise


3 Protector
3 Mithril Armor
3 Dimensional Incompatibility
3 New World Order
3 Harbinger of the Apocalypse

Richard Lam
Burning Mage
Designer: Richard Lam

3 Barrage
3 Blue Dragon
3 Fire Breathing Dragon
3 Drain Essence
3 Rend
3 Firespitter
3 Eye of Navec
3 The Facilitator
3 Blast
3 Echoing Mage
3 Spontenous Combustion
3 Execution
3 Dimensional Incompatibility
3 Force of Nature

2 Spite
3 Thought Stealer (gift)
3 Nature’s Renewal (gift)
2 Relentless Chant
2 Compromise
3 Forget the Past (gift)
3 The Shield


3 Mithril Armor
3 Nightmares Past
3 Echoes of Inspiration
3 Wand of Unmaking
3 Protector

Top 4
Freddie Crespo Jr.
Mike & Ike (modified Dig Dug)
Designer: Mike Eig

2 Execution
3 Graft-Steel Builder
3 Stolen Dreams
3 Mithril Armor
2 Graft-Steel Bomber
3 The Herald
3 Puppeteer
3 Graft-Steel Thoughtkeeper
3 Confiscate
3 Time-Out
3 Reflective Golem
3 Necromancer Lord
3 Mr Hyde
3 Graft-Steel Overlord
3 Jungle Queen

3 Soul Catcher
3 Nature’s Renewal (gift)
3 Ring of Will (gift)
3 Now
3 Compromise
3 Take Cover


2 Wand of Unmaking
3 Protector
3 Echoes of Inspiration
1 Graft-Steel Bomber
3 Dreaded Judge
3 Nightmare’s Past

Top 4
Alex Shvartsman
Evil Control
Designer: Alex Shvartsman

3 Time-Out
3 Echoes of Despair
3 Nightmares Past
3 Dimensional Vortex
3 Psionic Assault
3 Ravenous Ghoul
3 Kneel Before Me
3 Eye of Navec
3 I Own the Night (gift)
3 Angel of Death
3 Kidnap
3 Execution
3 Night of the Living Dead
3 Food for Thought

3 The Shield
3 Unquenchable Thirst
3 You Lack Faith (gift)
3 Relentless Chant
3 Ritual of Reanimation
3 Thought Stealer (gift)


3 Protector
3 Mithril Armor
3 Wand of Unmaking
3 Dreaded Judge
3 Thought Plucker