Epic GT in Denville NJ 4/16 Deck Lists

June 14, 2009

12 players attended the Epic Grand Tournament at All In One Collectibles in Denville NJ. Jerry Wang split with Marr Ehrhart in the finals. Top 4 deck lists follow:

James Kandziolka

3 Frankenstein’s Monster
3 Drinker of the Dead
3 Food for Thought
3 Night Feeder
3 Bladed Vampire
3 Nightmare’s Past
3 Execution
3 Eye of Navec
3 Echoes of Despair
3 Memory Demon
3 Drain Essence
3 Dimensional Vortex
3 Psionic Assault

3 You Lack Faith
3 Unquenchable Thirst
3 Relentless Chant
3 Thought Stealer
3 At Any Price
3 Ritual of Reanimation


3 Dark Angel
3 Night of the Living Dead
3 Protector
3 Burrowing Wurm
3 Mithril Armor

Jimmy O’Brien

1 Mr. Hyde
1 Necromancer Lord
1 The Herald
3 Nentack
3 Timeripper
3 Fire Breathing Dragon
3 Ambush
3 Frankenstein’s Monster
3 Blast
3 T-Rex
3 Spontaneous Combustion
3 No
3 Lightning Storm
3 Forgotten Wisdom
3 Force of Nature
3 Firespitter

3 Hired Muscle
3 Now!
3 Seaside Cave
3 Brute
3 Lizard Guard
3 Werewolf


3 Decay
3 Aftershock
3 Echoes of Thunder
3 Mithril Armor
3 Avenging Angel

Matthew Ehrhart

3 Frankenstein’s Monster
3 Spontaneous Combustion
3 Obliterate
3 Food for Thought
3 Nightmare’s Past
3 Charmed
3 Confiscate
3 Can’t or Won’t
3 Knowledge
3 No
3 Forgotten Wisdom
3 Dimensional Incompatibility
3 Warped Space
3 No Escape

3 Brute
3 Dark Knight
3 Muse
3 Elven Chariot
3 White Dragon
3 Hired Muscle


3 Mithril Armor
3 Rend
3 Execution
3 Night of the Living Dead
3 Dreaded Judge

Jerry Wang

3 Graft-Steel Thoughtkeeper
3 Graft-Steel Builder
3 Echoing Mage
2 The Facilitator
2 Frankenstein’s Monster
1 Nentack
1 Puppeteer
1 The Herald
1 Mr Hyde
1 Necromander Lord
1 Dreaded Judge
3 Ring of Speed
3 Mithril Armor
3 Food for Thought
3 Execution
3 Dimentional Incompatibility
3 Salvage
3 Cant or Wont
3 Confiscate

3 Seaside Cave
3 Thoughtstealer
2 Now
3 Compromise
2 Exhume
2 Nullifier
1 The Shield
1 Ritual of Reanimation


3 Gold
2 Charmed
2 Warped Space
2 Nightmare’s Past
2 New World Order
2 Dreaded Judge
1 Primal Magic
1 Obliterate


Wizards of the Coast Gift With Purchase Weekend!

June 11, 2009

Stop by the store over the weekend of June 12 through June 14 and purchase $15+ worth of Wizards of the Coast products and receive a FREE GIFT (while supplies last).

You can choose a gift from the following items:

* 2x Magic: The Gathering Half Decks
* D&D Miniatures: Demonweb Booster Pack
* Star Wars Miniatures: The Clone Wars starter set
* The Orc King: D&D Hardcover novel

One gift per person per day. Thanks WOTC for making this happen!

Epic GT Top 4 Deck Lists June 6 Brooklyn NY

June 10, 2009

Here are the top 4 deck lists from the Epic GT this weekend. Jerry Wang and Dan Sotelo split in the finals with invite going to Dan as Jerry was already qualified.

Top 2:

Daniel Sotelo

Jerry Wang

Top 4:

Joe Demestrio

Marc Paschover

YuGiOh Regional Top 8 Deck Lists – June 7

June 10, 2009

Here are the top 8 deck lists from this weekend’s regional.

Top 4:

Steven Harris

Michael Tortorella

Jerry Wang

Michael Rossitto

Top 8:

Desmond Boyd

Joel Terres

Michael Rodriguez

Rafael Mercado

YuGiOh Laptop Tournament Top 8 Deck Lists

June 10, 2009

Better late than never, here are the top 8 deck lists from the Laptop tournament held a couple of weeks back:

Felipe DeJesus

George Velasquez

Jarel Winston

Jerry Wang

Luis Rivera

Mike Rossitto

Robert Di Martino

Shane Scurry

Kings Games Now on Twitter

June 7, 2009

Once again, loads and loads of actual work have taken me away from updating this blog as often as I’d like – and once again I am attempting to get back to the regular updates starting this coming week. As of today we launched a Twitter account for Kings Games, so that we can do much more frequent brief updates, such as listing tournament winners and info and – if time allows – cool industry news. You can sign up to follow our Twitter updates via kingsgames.com front page.

Tomorrow is our first Yu-Gi-Oh! Regional since Konami took over. We are excited, but we are also dreading turning away people as I am pretty sure more than 160 will show up in the morning. My advice to anyone who has called or stopped by has been to show up early (we will open the store at 9am) in order to make sure that you have a spot in the event.

Over the next few days I expect to post a bunch of deck lists – we already uploaded deck lists from the YuGiOh Laptop tournament that took place a couple of weeks back and I just need to link them here. We will also post the winning deck lists from tomorrow’s Regional as well as the top deck lists from the Epic Grand Tournament that took place today. Dan Sotelo and Jerry Wang split in the finals. Dan got the invite as Jerry was already qualified.

Another Yu-Gi-Oh! Laptop Tournament!

May 1, 2009

We are giving away another laptop this month – this time at our home base in Brooklyn! Same deal as last month’s tournament in Philadelphia – entry fee is $25 and everyone will receive a promotional card for signing up. Booster pack prizes will be awarded to the top 8. We will begin advertising this event at the Sneak Peek tomorrow, but loyal readers of this blog get to find out first!

Alara Reborn Is Here

May 1, 2009

Alara Reborn booster packs, Fat Packs and pre-constructed decks are on sale as of today. Also, don’t forget there is a Launch Party event this Saturday at 6pm! $25 buys you 6 booster packs (3 Shards, 3 Reborn) and a special promo card. Two additional packs per player will be added to the prize pool. We are also working on the singles binder for this set and should have it ready by Monday.

WOW Fields of Honor Sneak Preview

April 29, 2009

We can now confirm that Kings Games will be hosting a Sneak Preview tournament for World of Warcraft TCG expansion Fields of Honor. This tournament is to take place on Saturday, June 13th.

Epic Thursdays

April 28, 2009

We have a two-month promotion for Epic starting on the first Thursday of May and leading up to the $5,000 championship at the end of June.

Every Thurday we are going to run an Epic Designed tournament with a $10 entry fee. *GUARANTEED* first place prize for each tournament is $100 cash. *GUARANTEED* second place prize is 12 Epic booster packs. These prizes will be awarded even if only 4 players show up (4 will be the minimum needed to host the tournament). In addition, tournament winner and one player at random will each receive a Nullifier promo card.

We are very very serious about building up interested in Epic designed deck play in our area and beyond and we hope that players will pitch in to make these tournaments successful. Spread the word, fill up the car with your friends and come play Epic with us every Thursday night! Tournaments set to start at 7pm, as of May 7.

In other news, four new Epic promo cards are available for tournament support as of May 1st and we will begin giving them out for all scheduled events.